15 October 2012

Minimalist Monday: Real Life Minimalism

image from apartment therapy here

Don't panic, this is a warm and friendly blog: really 
Let me explain my version of minimalism. 
I'll try and keep it short.

Minimalism isn't sterile. It isn't depressing. 
It isn't just an art movement or a design style and it doesn't mean living in a white, 
sparse space.
Becoming minimalist isn't about chasing perfection.
It doesn't mean 'going without'.

Minimalism is about reducing unnecessary stuff from your life: whether that be 

possessions, commitments or negative thoughts/emotions. 
It's about owning less stuff and having more S P A C E without necessarily moving house.
It's about enjoying what you've got instead of living for the future.
It's about valuing yourself and others above material possessions and status symbols.
It's about freeing up time to do the things you never get time for.

Minimalism can help you gain control of your life but it won't happen overnight. 
Minimalism doesn't require minimal effort: it's HARD WORK.

Still interested? Why not try...

Baby steps:

 Declutter one small area: your handbag; desk; one kitchen cupboard ...
 Buy one less thing - ask yourself: Can I manage without this? Does it really need
   replacing? What could I use instead?
◊ Choose an alternative activity to shopping: read a book, visit a friend or go for a walk. 
Focus on what you have got rather than what you haven't got: S T O P comparing
   yourself to others.
 Take some pressure off yourself by doing one less thing on your 'to do' list.

Phew: I've got that off my chest. 
Hope that wasn't too heavy - why not try one of these tips and reflect on how
it makes you feel. 

Maybe you're already doing some of these things: Yeah, you're a minimalist already and you didn't know it!

Let me know how you get on and have a great week.


  1. Very sound advice. Although if you saw me decluttering my handbag tonight you may have doubted my sanity.

  2. I agree: Minimalism is hard work.

    When I first started to simplify my life I couldn't believe how hard it was - I'm still not sure, after 6 years, if I'm there yet!

  3. It's definitely a process. Both a physical and mental process. Today I had one of those moments of clarity and chose not to add something to my household that in the past would have went out and bought in a second.

  4. I know that feeling - I practise mindfulness whenever I'm on a shopping experience and there are many things I can now walk away from. If I do buy I know why I'm doing it.


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